About the Pre-school


Educational Policy|教育理念

Self-confidence and awareness to develop each child’s full growth potential.

Developing global citizens ready to explore the world.

Message from Wisdom Head Teacher|メッセージ
Welcome to Wisdom International Preschool
We believe that every child is special and has exceptional abilities that we want to help them develop.
In our school, using an individual approach to suit the needs of each child, we want to create global citizens with open and creative minds. With the help of our unique curriculum and National Geographic program for young learners, we combine art, books, games and technology to provide them with the best possible education and prepare them for life in the modern world. We encourage children to express their feelings and opinions at the same time teach them manners and how to function in the international environment. We know that each child is an individual with its own personality. We cater our teaching to the needs of the children to ensure they get the most from their time with us and grow into the best version of themselves.
I can assure you that in our school your children will be not only happy but also safe and loved, thanks to our highly qualified staff that are passionate about children and their future.

Natalia Kitamura