Privacy Policy

Wisdom Academy Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Wisdom Academy”), acknowledges the responsibility and the at most importance of the protection of private information provided by clients and business partners.
Wisdom Academy will observe Japan’s Private Information Protection Law and related regulations and will handle private information accordingly and appropriately, in keeping with the protection of individual rights as the at most priority.
By disclosing the objective and intended use of the personal information provided, Wisdom Academy strives to ensure the security and safety of its clients and business partners.


1.Collection and Handling of Personal Information
Wisdom Academy collects personal information fairly and appropriately by informing the client in advance the objective and the intended use of the information, and the possibility of disclosure to third parties, within necessary parameters, for the following purposes:
1)To answer inquiries, questions and concerns, and to send requested materials and information.
2)To introduce Wisdom Academy’s services and products and announce campaigns, exhibitions and seminars, etc.
3)To conclude and perform various agreements made between Wisdom Academy and clients/business partners.
4)To improve Wisdom Academy’s services and to conduct market research for the planning and development of new services.


2.Safety Control and Management of Private Information
Wisdom Academy will manage and store private information under a strict management system, making sure that every measure is taken to secure the utmost protection of the information from leaks, loss and damage.
Wisdom Academy educates and instills all directors and employees the importance of the privacy policy and restricts access to personal information to employees, entrusted parties and representatives who require specific information for the sole purpose of administration, development and improvement of Wisdom Academy’s services.
Each person is obligated to maintain confidentiality. Failure to comply with these duties will lead to disciplinary measures that include termination of employment and criminal prosecution.


3.Supervision and Management of Information Entrusted to Third Parties
When Wisdom Academy entrusts a third party to handle all or part of the personal information we ensure secure management control of the entrusted information by conducting a thorough and strict investigation of the concerned party in advance and conclude a contract that includes a confidentiality agreement or Wisdom Academy’s privacy policy.



4.Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Wisdom Academy does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the client in advance.
Except for the following situations:

1)When requested by public authorities under laws and regulations.
2)When it is necessary to protect human life, physical well being or personal property in circumstances when obtaining consent from the concerned client proves difficult.
3)When improvement of public health or the healthy development of children is required in circumstances when obtaining consent from the concerned client proves difficult.
4)When required to comply with requests made by a national agency or municipal organizations or institutions entrusted by these agency or organizations and when obtaining consent of the concerned client may prove detrimental to the completion of the process.
5)When Wisdom Academy entrusts the handling of all or part of the personal information to a third party within the necessary parameters to achieve the purpose of use.
6)When merger or other extenuating circumstances requires Wisdom Academy to transfer personal information to the succeeding business entity.



5.Personal Information Disclosure, Editing, etc.
Wisdom Academy will disclose personal information, without delay, only upon request by the actual client concerned and only after verification of identity is completed.
When a client, due to inaccuracy of information, makes a request to correct/add/delete their personal information, Wisdom Academy will swiftly conduct necessary checks to accommodate the client’s request, unless other relative laws and regulations require a special procedure. Results of the checks will be reported to the client in concern. Any requests will be denied if identification of the requester cannot be verified.



6.Continual Improvement Efforts
Continual efforts will be made to improve the security of personal information, through the careful monitoring of current management status and external conditions.


7.Policy Change
Wisdom Academy’s privacy policy is subject to revision to improve security of personal information or to comply with amendments set forth by applicable laws and regulations.
Any changes to Wisdom Academy’s privacy policy will be enforced when the information is published on this website.


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